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Civicus is an information and analytical project of the Conflict Analysis and Prevention Center (CAPC) on issues of conflict resolution, the prevention of destructive ideologies, deradicalization and post-conflict rehabilitation. The resource contains news, analytical articles, academic research and methodological manuals from leading organizations, independent experts and specialized practitioners working in these fields.

We hope that the compiled materials will be useful to civic activists, educators, psychologists, NGO workers, government officials, journalists, experts and researchers.

We try to present our readers with the wide scope of opinions and assessments, methodologies and analyses, inspiring experiences and controversial undertakings. The resources are presented in Russian and English and are categorized for ease of navigation. You may also find useful the event posters, video materials, recordings of academic and applied conferences.

We always welcome your feedback. You can contact the editors of the Civicus portal through the feedback form.

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