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Personal Stories 


Reconstructing childhood: Investing in teachers to stop the re-seeding of violent extremism in Mosul's primary schools,” Reliefweb, 2019. [Human interest]

“At a School for Suicide Bombers’ Children, Dancing, Drawing and Deradicalization,” New York Times, 2019. 

Center in Syria Offers Rare Effort to Rehabilitate Young ISIS Recruits: Facility holding former Islamic State child soldiers offers counseling and education,” Wall Street Journal, 2019. 

Repatriating ISIS Families: An Opportunity to Show that “Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism” Can Work,” Steven Weine and Eric Rosand, 2019. [Analysis]

“After ISIS: how Kosovo is rehabilitating women and children repatriated from Syria,” The National, 2019.

Center in Syria Seeks to Deradicalize IS Teens,” VOA, 2019.

Deradicalisation makes headlines, but Muslim initiatives win young minds,” The Guardian, 2015. 

Canada’s anti-radicalization centre won’t actually be deradicalizing anyone,” Vice News, 2017. 

This former recruiter for an Islamic extremist group now helps fight extremism,” PRI, 2016. 

To Stop Kids From Radicalizing, Moms In Denmark Call Other Moms,” NPR, 2016. [Radio broadcast]

Former Islamic extremist tries to save others from his mistakes — with a popular online cartoon,” PRI, 2016. 

After Paris, Luton wages its own battle for hearts and minds of homegrown radicals,” The Guardian, 2015. 

Germany neglecting Islamist de-radicalization in prisons,” DW, 2016. [News article]

How ISIS Radicalized My Son,” The Atlantic, 2019. [Video]

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